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Testing Services

As per IEEE standards Quality assurance can be defined as a Planned and systematic pattern of actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that the item or product or piece of software conforms to established technical requirements.

The purpose of quality assurance is to monitor and evaluate the various aspects of software project to ensure that standards of quality are being met; Luckdaks Software Solutions follows three principle of Quality Management

  • Management accepting responsibility for the quality of the product
  • Layout established standards and procedures
  • Quality that satisfies end user and customer

We do the right thing which helps in delivering the right product, do it the right way which satisfies the customer's needs, doing it right first time every time which meets customer's expectation, doing it on time which ends in Happy Customers.


Luckdaks Software Solutions Testing Services Advantage

If you want to outsource QA part of your product, get back to us, we can give you the best possible quote in the industry, you can cut short your expenses by Outsourcing your QA to us, you will surely agree that Outsourcing the QA part to us will be much affordable then maintaining QA personnel at your end, without any difference in productivity.

Though we use Automated Tools to cover the testing part, but we strongly recommend using Manual Testing process also in tandem, as there is no replacement for manual testing.


Luckdaks Software Solutions Offers following Testing services

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing Using Selenium
  • Test Automation Using Automated QA
  • QTP
  • Silk
  • Load Runner