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    Software Development
Software Development

Luckdaks Software Solutions has rich expertise in developing custom software solutions to its clients. We provide offshore development services to our clients, who opt to outsource their software development requirements, which gives them total control over their projects with cost effectiveness. Our enviable product development services and software solutions and expertise in developing multi -lingual applications help our clients maintain edge over their competitors.

Luckdaks Software Solutions is a leading software development company in India, which has extensive experience which runs from a decade in developing custom application development, both web based and standalone based client server applications.


Luckdaks Software Solutions Software Development Process

Any project without proper planning will be bound to fail, keeping this in mind Luckdaks Software Solutions strictly follows a pre-set development plan, which leaves no scope for failure, every project will be divided into phases and under each phase a set of activities will be defined, and auditing will be done after each phase to check if laid out procedures are strictly observed. We follow the cycle of phases which result in a successful product.

  • Project Planning Phase
  • Requirements Phase
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Acceptance Phase
  • Installation Phase
  • Maintenance Phase

Luckdaks Software Solutions provides cutting-edge custom application development in India through its offshore development center so that its global clientele can reap the benefits of robust, scalable, cost-effective and customized software applications.