Product Engineering Services

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    Product Engineering Services
  • Product Engineering Services
Product Engineering Services

Luckdaks Software Solutions has a strong consulting practice, domain knowledge, leading connectivity IP portfolio, and a strong manufacturing ecosystem to provide customers the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) without sacrificing product quality. With dedicated teams for each of the industry verticals, Luckdaks Software Solutions  has the technical capability and domain knowledge to quickly turn around a product design from requirements to proof of concept or prototypes.


Luckdaks Software Solutions is a key product development partner starting from the concept stage till manufacturing support of products. This includes:

  • Product Strategy and Architecture
  • IP Portfolio Management and Development
  • Application Software Development
  • Hardware Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Regulatory Compliance and Certification
  • Technical Publications
  • Sustenance

Product Strategy & Consulting
Luckdaks Software Solutions Product Strategy and Architecture (PSA) practice can help technology vendors and enterprises develop innovative and effective product and IT strategies that prove successful for their businesses.

Application & Embedded Software
Luckdaks Software Solutions has helped many product companies in designing and developing a complete software solution for the embedded and product engineering domain. At every stage of the software lifecycle, we help our customers design a robust and error-free software stack. We have worked across different industry domains and we understand the nuances of the design requirements in each of these industries.

Technical Publishing Solution
Luckdaks Software Solutions Technical Publications Solutions brings together our expertise in technologies and products for vertical markets, deep-rooted user group orientation and technical documentation methodologies to support all your documentation needs through the product lifecycle.

Luckdaks Software Solutions offers the benefits of seamless execution, scalability, continuous, improvement, innovation and flexible business models. By partnering with Luckdaks Software Solutions for technical publications, your organization can concentrate on its core business requirements thus saving time and resources.